Sunday, March 25, 2012

Questions from Yesterday's Ride

1. While I am never a fan of white cycling shorts, who decides to wear white cycling shorts when the forecast calls for rain? Wet roads = a really weird looking pattern on your behind.

2. What mountain is Kent, Ohio on that I climbed for 10 miles to get there?

3. Why it is so hard to grab someone's back wheel as they they pull ahead of me? I mean, seriously, why can't I do it?

4. How did we ride over 100 miles yesterday and not get rained on while Mentor rode for 2 hours and got soaked?

5. Why does nothing ever look appealing to eat after a long ride even though I am absolutely starving?

6. Would I be a better cyclist on a carbon road bike? (Say yes as I am really trying to rationalize this one).

7. Why is the pavement heading south on the Valley Parkway so much worse than riding north?

8. Who knew that a grilled cheese sandwich at the Franklin Square Deli would be the best thing I have eaten ever on a bike ride?

9. Did any of the employees at previously mentioned deli notice one of the riders wringing out his sweat rag on their carpeted floor?

10. Will my cycling glasses ever stop fogging?

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