Friday, September 16, 2011

The rest of the story

This morning as I decided to cut off the magical Ironman wristband, I decided to write a couple of the odds and ends that made last weekend unique. I have decided to leave a couple stories out so as not to embarrass anyone.

1. Driving on the Ohio Turnpike between I-71 and Lorain Rd, I saw a semi-truck with mudflaps with Bucky the Badger on was like a sign from the Ironman gods!

2. I stopped at a Speedway in North Ridgeville/Avon, and I heard a male manager say to his female coworker (mind you these people are at least in their 40's), "I think I am going to go to the potty." What??? Who says that to a coworker? In public?

I have to add that SO found this so humorous that he started adopting it and announced his potty intentions all weekend long.

3. As were were driving to Madison, we passed a sign for I-69, which references a joke I told the night we met back in '09. I then looked over to the side of the road saw a pasture with two cows humping (yes, I know one was a bull, but in my neck of the woods, they keep the bulls separate from the cows). It's like the cows were advertisements for the interstate!

4. SO and I were kind of in a hurry to get through registration, something had come up, and we needed to get through it quickly. Noticing our rushed demeanor, a lady turned to him and asked, "Are you racing me to get through registration?" His response, ""

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